Software/Firmware Revisions

For optimal performance of your Metrosonics instrument, both the software and firmware should be maintained at the most current revision levels.

  Current Revisions
Product Metrosoft Firmware
db3060 Noise Monitor N/A 1.0
db3070 Noise Monitor N/A 1.10
db-3080 Noise Monitor ms-3080W v1.01 1.20
db-3100 Noise Monitor ms-3100W v1.42 1.7
db-4000EZ Noise Monitor ms-4000ez v1.03 1.72
Chameleon Sound Level Meter ms-Chameleon V1.01 1.20
db210 Sound Level Meter N/A 1.3
db2100 Sound Level Meter N/A 1.3
db2200 Sound Level Meter N/A 1.8
2800M Sound Level Meter  N/A   2.50
Indoor Air Quality
aq-5000/5001 IAQ Monitor ms-5000W v1.20 1.12
aq-501 Indoor IAQ Monitor ms-501 v1.5 4.1
aq-502 Indoor Environment Monitor ms-502 v2.7 1.9
  Metrosoft Firmware
pm-7700 Personal Toxic Gas Monitor ms-7700 v1.4 1.6
pm-7400 Miniature 4-Gas Monitor ms-7400 v1.1 1.10
pm-90 Personal Single Gas Monitor N/A 1.8
pm-200 Personal Dual Gas Monitor N/A 2.14
pm-2000 Personal 4-Gas Monitor N/A 2.15
hs-32 Area Heat Stress Monitor N/A 2.0
hs-3800 Personal Heat Stress Monitor ms-3800 v1.10
ms-3800W v1.10
hs-3700 Heat Stress Monitor ms-3700 v1.0
ms-3700W v1.10
hs-3600 Heat Stress Monitor N/A 1.0
dl-3200 Datalogger ms-3200 v1.2 1.2
pim-1100 Datalogger ms-1100 v1.01 1.01
Any applicable firmware and software updates are automatically included with annual recertification of hardware. If the unit is under warranty, Metrosoft updates are FREE. From time to time Metrosoft upgrades may be made available at a nominal fee.

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